Awards announcement

Awards announcement

The "Festival As Lab" 10 000€ Commission was launched by the ECAS network (of which we’re member). The commission called for projects that engage festival audiences and artists in a participatory experiment.

The ECAS 2011 theme of Festival As Lab turns the idea of a festival on its head. More than just showcasing cool art and music, here festivals are places where we can experiment and play with future art, music and ideas.

Following a fantastic response from candidates, the jury awarded the prize equally between two winning projects that address the Festival as Lab theme in different ways:

- OurCity by Adam Nieman with Lancaster University and Manchester Communication Academy.
OurCity uses Manchester’s FutureEverything Festival to enable thousands of people to have their voice heard and to shape the future of their city. Beginning with a series of questions or ‘provocations’ devised by pupils of the Manchester Communications Academy, the Festival audiences and the inhabitants of Manchester will have their say via web, SMS or mobile app. Their crowdsourced data will be shaped into a creative visualisation and presented to policymakers as a collective action toward developing the city.

- CHET (Collective Hedonistic Environment Toolkit) by Intolight.
CHET is a software toolkit for the easy collaborative creation of body-reactive environments at festivals and public events. Interactive sounds and graphics combine with motion-sensing interfaces, allowing club music, soundscapes, real-time 3D graphics and visual effects to respond and react to the movement of festival audiences.