Blockchain My Art

Blockchain My Art

In 2018, you will be able to pay your drinks at our bar thanks to a blockchain application developed specifically. Here is why.

We are particularly interested in demonstrating that each spectator is more than a consumer but a full-fledged actor of the festival. It is, for us, a way to involve the festival-goers by giving them great visibility on our financial flows.

What is Blockchain?
It is an information exchange technology, a protocol that allows data to circulate reliably without going through a third party. In the financial world, it was made famous thanks to the Bitcoin.

Why is it useful for Les Siestes?
The qualities of Blockchain have nothing to do with financial speculation, that technology is secure, decentralised and transparent. These last qualities are interesting, both ideologically and technically speaking.

How does it work?
The audience downloads the application "Blockchain my art" or a RFID Bracelet. He deposits money in euros. And, at each purchase made with the bracelet, the transaction passes through distribution keys. While consulting the app, everyone will be able to see how their money is used: Artists’ fees, equipment rental, team pay, copyright... everything will be transparent! The ones who want to pay in cash or CB can continue to do so. These sales will be put manually into the blockchain.

Technically speaking, it’s a huge project, isn’t it?
Yes! It takes a lot of investment. Fortunately we are accompanied by our fellows from SeaNaps in Leipzig. At the moment it is developed in open source.

How far can it go?
We would like the wallet in the application to be reused in other user structures of our system (other festivals, concert halls...). In 2018, we are a few festivals to test this system. In the long term, we would like it to be operational for any kind of cultural structure.

"Blockchain my art" project has been initiated by SeaNaps. It is developed in partnership with TodaysArt. With the supports of Bussiness & Decisions and Sacem.
In beloved memory of Jean Faget.