Call for proposals

Call for proposals

For the second year in a row, we’re organising talks and worshops along with our concerts. This "Futurism Meeting" as we call it, will take place in Toulouse, at the same venue as the concerts, a public park right in the center of the city, on June 28 & 29.

Who can answer this call for proposals?

This is an open call! Everyone can answer: musicians, hackers, developpers, students, journalists, advised listeners ...

Is there a theme?

Yes, there are actually three:

1) DIY : shared music and knowledge
The art of Doing It Yourself is in the reappropriation and enhancement of existing tools and software for exploring your creativity. You have developped or customized (hacked, in a positive sense) some software, tinkered around patches, programming languages, virtual or physical instruments, or are experimenting with original solutions with existing tools, and you want to show other people how you achieved that. You want to share your know-how of that of your company, in an interactive way that encourages exchange and with between hobbyists or curious minds.

2) Beyond passion, a real project
Get your name out there, make your music live and maybe make a living out of it, is a long dark road that deserves to be given some clarity. Nowadays musicians have an extensive amount of digital tools, often collaborative, for the creation, spreading and promoting of their music. But which ones should one use? What is their efficiency? How to find the right tools for progressing? What traps should be avoided? Whether you had a happy or unfortunate experience, have just invented one of those tools, are about to launch a startup on the topic, are experienced enough to explain on how to use them, or can introduce us to who is who and other tips and tricks, there is a lot to say and be shared! Feedback on experiences, presentation of tools for accompanying musicians, legal aspects of musical business or artistic direction, the musical industry involves a wide array of actors who we wish to introduce and confront to their public.

3) Beyond music, a rich cultural background
Music is not merely air moving, it can’t be reduced to its basic physical expression. It necessarily involves images and values that défine an aesthetic and social context that goes beyond just the music. It then appears important to be able to observe and dissect pop culture in order to demonstrate that it is intfinitely more than entertainment industry, and a decisive part of today’s society. Whether you are a researcher, a writer or simply an enlightened amateur convinced of the evocative power of your favorite aesthetics, we are inviting you to a debate around the visual aesthetics, generational conflicts, fashion trends, or language transformations associated with music.

What’s the deadline?

Submission deadline: April 21th 2014.
Your proposal will be reviewed through a "perfection game".
You may modify your proposal until April 30th.
Papers will be selected at the latest on May 15th

What are the conditions?

You won’t be paid as the principle of those meetings is to share knowledges between peers. But we’ll cover your transport and accomodation costs.