Joakim vs Kindness

Everything Kindness is touching goes down easy. The UK-born singer-songwriter has a real feel for idiom. He can do washed-out new wave, strobing disco, atmospheric balladry. He’ll throw in a sax break and the odd cover. In one way, Kindness represents the end-point of the chilled aesthetic that tints our memories of the summer of 2009 until they have the look of an Instagram photo. “We’re in an era when we have the freedom to be completely postmodern in the collage we make" as he said.
Joakim Bouaziz is one of those slyly ubiquitous artists who hangs around the periphery of your music collection. The busy producer/DJ/songwriter has spent the last decade remixing and producing lots of artists. Joakim’s music often vacillates between lengthy psych-rock dirges, Italo-disco frippery, and foggy art-pop, a de facto running commentary on contemporary trends. “The only common thread in Joakim’s career is his playful disregard for convention” as Resident Advisor once said.

We remind you that the dj set you will be able to listen at Quai Branly will be made from and inspired by the ethnomusicologic database of the Musée du quai Branly.