Les Siestes 2011: Party!

Les Siestes 2011: Party!

Relaxing is not the only given option at Les Siestes Electroniques, we organize as a complementary treat a massive party. Hosted by a groovy line-up of DJs ready to move up a notch the volume and the BPMs, this party will feature a venue with an extraordinary rooftop view over the city of Toulouse for a memorable sunrise.

The Robert Johnson club near Frankfurt has never shied away from issuing a healthy dose of electronic pioneering. Here, DJ listings were not made publicly known until two years ago, with the intent that there may be no cherry-picking of venues. Here, Matthew Herbert did his “One Club” recordings a while before the Berghain ventured on a similar project. You may even regard their “Live At Robert Johnson” mix series as a high-brow concept, but in the end it comes down to just one thing: great music.

Robert Johnson, Playhouse and Klang Elektronik CEO, Ata, curates each of his mixs with an expert selection of synthpop and ’80s Italo club grooves. A DJ of over 25 years experience, Atanasios Christos Macias has helmed the infamous Frankfurt club since its inception in 1999, so there’s no doubt he knows what works on the dancefloor.

Label manager and resident DJ Oliver Hafenbauer is known for his subtly-building house sets.

Arto Mwambe aka Philip Lauer and Christian Beisswenger actually play live! And when they say live, it’s hands-on drum machines, keys and FX, not just pressing a spacebar and mincing behind the laptop. The pair masterfully weave music full of Roland beats, playful keys and sweetened synthlines with a delightful gait and spontaneous vibe that’ll bring a smile to the mugs of even the deepest house chin strokers. Vibes a-live!

The breadth and scope of Prins Thomas’ mix is nothing short of stunning, as the man manages to slot in reference points from many corners of the dancefloor into a very cohesive whole that ultimately serves the perfect dancefloor function. His vision takes in elements of classic cosmic disco, European kosmiche synth music and a steady thread of American disco and minimalism for a refined dancefloor. A tremendous DJ, and of epic proportions too.

Friday, June 24th * Espaces Vanel – topfloor of the media library J. Cabanis * 23:00 > 6:00 * 10€