Les Siestes 2011: Tag 1 & 2

Les Siestes 2011: Tag 1 & 2

Along the Garonne river, in the heart of the city, in a public garden under the shadow of a tree, as a family or between friends, music lovers, curious or newcomers gather to enjoy in a peaceful environment an eclectic selection of concerts. Creative musics - whether it be the most sensual electronic monotonous chants or a pop beat of the most cheerful kind, “Les Siestes Electroniques” invites the city-dwellers to relax.

Thursday, June 23 * Prairie des Filtres * 18:00 > 22:00 * Free!

Etienne Tron is a parisian born musician who has reached international fame under the name Radioclit with his partner Johan Hugo. As a music producer he has launched the afro pop band The Very Best with Malawi star Esau Mwamwaya, has worked with numerous pop bands and singers (M.I.A, Santigold, Architecture In Helsinki, Brodinski, Amadou & Mariam, Metronomy, Diplo, Yeasayer, Bonde Do Role...). As a Dj he has established himself as a pioneer of new globalised pop music.

SHANGAAN ELECTRO Ask us about Shangaan Electro a year ago and we’d ask you to speak slower. Ask us now and we’ll rave about one of the most astounding music we’ve heard this year. We almost couldn’t believe our ears on first listen, or the tenth. It was perhaps only when we witnessed the accompanying videos on youtube that it started to settle into place, watching liquid hipped Shangaan dancers scuttle and stomp like folk possessed by something untold but completely comprehendible. Essentially this is a continuation of traditional styles, only plugged in at the studio of Nozinja Music Productions to become utterly electrified and electrifying. But these aren’t simply instrumental rhythms, they’re also songs with passionate, soul wrenching vocals and head-rushingly sweet synth melodies.

Friday, June 24 * Prairie des Filtres * 18:00 > 22:00 * Free!

Aymeric Hainaux is a traveller, visual artist, musician and extraordinary vocal performer. For his intense corporeal performances, he uses a kind of beatboxing style, but ends up with sound signatures that relate much more to abstract electronic music, drone, glitch and noise then to hiphop. Besides his own body, breath and voice, the only extras he uses are a microphone, some harmonicas, bells and delay pedal. No loop, live action only! His music comes literally from the within, with a demanding brut emergency, that is at the same time fragile and extremely attentive – voice, breath, muscle tension, movements, heartbeats and sudden outbursts of sound are celebrating the living and the immediacy of the present moment.

Startlingly innovative vocal explorations from Inuit throat-singer, who has collaborated with Bjork, Kronos Quartet, Mike Patton … Tanya Tagaq is genuinely one of those rare artists whose sounds and styles are truly groundbreaking. ‘Inuit throat singer’ is one part of her sonic quotient, so are descriptions like ‘orchestral’ and ‘primal’. Since the release of her debut CD in 2005, the Nunavut-born singer has brought an ancient Inuit vocal game into fertile new sonic pastures but the music/performance is sublime. Tagaq’s unique sound is imbued with the melodies of modern pop and the breathless musical manipulations of maverick music makers, this is a combination that’s almost transcendent when channeled through her powerful voice.

Breakingnews: gig is canceled because of Tanya’s pregnancy

rnaud Fleurent-Didier has followed in the footsteps of great songwriters such as Baccarach, Michel Legrand and Polnareff, whilst being more than a little indebted to Gainsbourg. Whatever the references, the voice here is singular – Fleurent-Didier is rooted in a tradition and unafraid of revealing it. Unlike many French artists, he chooses to sing in his native language. “I compose French songs. Air, Daft Punk, Phoenix, Sebastian Tellier – in this group of bands I’m this silly guy who sings in French. I’m in love with the meaning of songs, the meaning of the album. It’s very old fashioned.”