Les Siestes 2011: Tag 3 & 4

Les Siestes 2011: Tag 3 & 4

Along the Garonne river, in the heart of the city, in a public garden under the shadow of a tree, as a family or between friends, music lovers, curious or newcomers gather to enjoy in a peaceful environment an eclectic selection of concerts. Creative musics - whether it be the most sensual electronic monotonous chants or a pop beat of the most cheerful kind, “Les Siestes Electroniques” invites the city-dwellers to relax.

Saturday, June 25 * Prairie des Filtres * 16:00 > 22:00 * Free!

You will find them on the bill at every single dubstep/UK bass music gig in Budapest. You will meet them at every single art fair in Budapest. You will find their name on a lot tracks coming from Budapest ... and still unknown here? what a shame! It’s time to open our mind to Hungarian underground scene.

Lucrecia Dalt creates a whimsical, star spangled electronic indie experience that blurs old fashioned distinctions between studio and stage, performing and recording. Cooking up late night lullabies with a finely tuned setup of guitar, laptop, bass, voice and percussion that ranges from floor toms to kitchen chairs and programmed beats, she’s not content with just hitting play on a bunch of loops. As a result, her songs keep evolving over time, gained experiences as well as changing moods and surroundings finding their way into the music. Having moved to Barcelona from Medellin, Colombia, she has kept refining her approach.

Super-cooled electro-pop and synth soul music from Finland’s pretty excellent Villa Nah duo is made of distinguished male vocal lead pop tunes with strong hints of classic Skanfrom and a lot of emphasis on the "Pop" element. Some may say like Junior Boys produced by Johan Agebjorn, we would rather ride the crest of a purified bassline arpeggiation, holding hands with Juho Paalosmaa’s classic vocals (putting years of personal pop studies to the test, and passing with a distinction) and floating off into a midnight sunlit sky without caring the "looks like" heritage.

Lone blends Boards Of Canada styled electronic nostalgia and Flying Lotus style funk-impressions, causing folks like Warp’s Bibio to swoon ...he has a personality in his music that’s vivid. Matt Cutler has delivered impeccably produced beat music for a couple of years now, but its really in the last few months that he’s found his feet drawn to a heavy, smudged style of House music. Infusing the warehouse rave heritage of his adopted home city Manchester with the same classic Chicago and NYC memes as his London counterparts, his signature feel for synaesthetically evocative melody has really started to pay dividends. Nad his last album ’Emerald Fantasy Tracks’ is one of the most unapologetically ecstatic dancefloor albums we’ve heard this year!

Sunday, June 26 * Prairie des Filtres * 16:00 > 22:00 * Free!

Umberto is the side project of Expo ’70s bass/synth player, Matt Hill. It’s a shlocky tribute to the tense scores of countless Italian horror films and cop movies from the likes of Fabio Frizzi and his Goblin ensemble, except maybe minus some of the proggier elements. This brings him up to keep the emphasis on slow and throbbing disco-horror basslines with arpeggiated synthlines to go-go. Many have tried this sound - step forward Zombi, Gatekeeper, Francesco Clemente, Anton Maiovvi - but far fewer have achieved it with as much grain and VHS-warped eeriness as this. It feels more like James Ferraro has locked onto a killer Giallo collection in his dream dungeon and authentically immersed himself in their soundtracks, recreating their mood, tension and gothic mise-en-scene with scary accuracy.

Released on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound label, this fourth album from Connan Mockasin is finally getting the London-dwelling musician some attention after a good five years or so in the wilderness. ’Please Turn Me Into The Snat’ is a dreamlike psychedelic opus that’s quite unlike anything else out there that gets branded with the ’psych’ tag. Don’t expect any protracted krautrocking jams here though, there’s something about Mockasin’s music that’s refreshingly concise and clearly laid out. The production arrives coated in a suitably hazy, Guthrie-esque dream-pop gauze, but beneath that there’s always something ear-catchingly weird going on somewhere.

James Pants is one of Stones Throw’s most distinguished and uncategorisable artists hails. His usual, inimitable fusion of scuffed electronic soul and pop romance largely influenced by his infamous record collection make him a rising star. Mr Pants ’touch’ is about a psychedelic slab of hip hop weirdness, infused with fuzzy Broadcast-like retro electronics, faintly silly vocals (that do actually sound as though they’ve been delivered whilst wearing a robe) and an inexplicable over-enthusiasm for sleigh bells. There’s much fun to be had here, and Pants’ use of big, bassy reverb chamber drum production combines evocatively, in a Silver Apples sort of way, with scorching synth lines. Ace!

Jess & Crabbe… hard to put into words how influential they were on us. Those guys were putting out some of the best tunes out of France on Fiat Lux back in the 90’s. But their sound always reached beyond the frontiers of house music. Inspired by hip-hop, reggae, Chicago house, with a punk attitude.