Les Siestes 2012 by day

Les Siestes 2012 by day

These free concerts are for the daring: those willing to make the effort of taking a few steps into the heart of the city centre. More of a proposition than an invitation somehow, the mission of this free concerts are to stimulate rather than convince, to entertain rather than persuade.

Right in the heart of the city, in a public park, music lovers and familly gather to enjoy in a peaceful environment an eclectic selection of concerts. Creative musics - whether it be the most sensual electronic monotonous chants or a pop beat of the most cheerful kind, Les Siestes Electroniques invites the city-dwellers to relax and easily became the champion of the scaled-down festival experience.

JUNE 30 :
Saaad, Morphosis, Matthew Friedberger, James Blackshaw et Kassem Mosse

JULY 1st :
Tom Terrien, Tanya Tagaq & Aymeric Hainaux, Bruce Lamont, Rhosyn et Luke Abbott

@ Jardin Compans Caffarelli // Boulevard Lascrosses - Toulouse
16h30 x 21h