Les Siestes 2012 by night

Les Siestes 2012 by night

Les Siestes Electroniques is known as a daylight festival held in public park. The fact that its open air concerts are free of charge makes Les Siestes électroniques a rare and precious occurance within the landscapes of European festivals. But "Les Siestes" also provides a great night program !

- Opening Night

10€ - 20h30 x 22h - Private mansion (rue Perchepinte)

With Nils Frahm
These days there are countless pianists and contemporary composers out there specialising in pretty instrumentals that enjoy a crossover appeal with fans of electronica and alternative pop music in general, but of all these indie-classical (if you will) artists Nils Frahm is proving to be something genuinely special. He’s really starting to break free from the ranks of his contemporaries. From Reich-a-like layered arpeggios, to wistful, jazz-tinted Glassisms, there are plenty of grand harmonic gestures. Looking beyond merely making aesthetic comparisons you’ll find an enormously impressive compositional quality at the root of Frahm’s music. His style of writing especially transcends the often too-pastoral-for-its-own good genre.

WARNING: the concert is already sold-out ... sorry

- Club Night

15€ - 23h x 5h - Déodat de Séverac gymnasium (Boulevard Déodat de Séverac)

With Elektro Guzzi, Hypnolove, Funkineven, Pional & John Talabot
Our unique club night will be inspired by the prom night theme. Held in a high school gymnasium, at the beginning of the summer, we’ll infuse a certain sense of youth, spontaneity and freedom into a proper rave spirit. We wanna dance. We wanna kiss girls and boys. We wanna have fun. Without caring about the next day.

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