Les Siestes @ Berlin

Les Siestes @ Berlin

For the second time this year we’ll be in Berlin, organising à gig at Monarch club thanks to Club Transmediale festival. And we’ll bring with us the Secousse Sound System and Jesse & Crabbe for a special "Africa is the future" night.

Following the small but splendid ICAS KITCHEN, which cooked up the goods during Club Transmediale.11 for several days in the Palomabar, Club Transmediale is preparing to cater for a wide array of tastes and foreign tongues during the second Berlin Music Week (7. – 10. September): in the four-day ICAS SUITE, ICAS-member festivals from Europe and North and South America will present a selection of their work and the most exciting artists in their networks at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Monarch, West-Germany, the Paloma and the new Blumenbar club.

Our Siestes electroniques event will be held at Monerch on September, 10 and will be starring Dj Zhao, Secousse Sound System + Jess & Crabbe.

Others artists invited: 2562, Robert Lippock, Islaja, Midaircondo, Antilles, Jac Bérrocal / Vincent Epplay / David Fennec, Deadbeat, The Mole, Mokira, Dirk Dresselhaus ...

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