Les Siestes @ Berlin

Les Siestes @ Berlin

Following groundbreaking experiences in Africa and in Paris at the Musée du quai Branly and constantly trying to renew itself, Les Siestes tries to explore new frontiers for a so called “advanced sound” festival. Next try in Berlin, Sept. 8 !

Over the past years labels or blogs such as Finders Keepers, Cartilage Consortium and Awesome Tapes From Africa have been on a relentless mission to unearth largely unheard gems from across the musical spectrum. Expertly curated, conceived and executed by diggers, those structures have methodically sunk their teeth into disparate cultural and historical strands. An oddball selection wandering through past and present independent music, exotic oddities, creepy disco, bizarre soundtracks, deviant crossovers, primitive electronics, amateur incidents, nowadays outsiders... and even forgotten euro composers. Coming from all over the world, the sense of freedom and creativity is there often utterly endearing, placing familiar western concepts in a whole other context to leave us floored at every turn. The event designed by Les Siestes Electroniques for the ICAS Suite will try to explore those new sonic as cultural "frontiers".


► PART 1 @ Prinzessinnengarten (Prinzen Strasse 35-38)
18h – 20h

A selection of rarities from the audio collection of the Quai Branly museum chopped and edited by Plapla Pinky and Doug Shipton. (in case of rain, the party will start a little bit earlier at the Monarch)

► PART 2 @ Monarch (Skalitzer Strasse 134)
21h – 6h

A fancy night for those who appreciate to dance on Tamil disco, African coupé-décalé, psychedelic soundtracks ... with:

Jean Safran (Chez Jacki)
Brian Shimkovitz (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Doug Shipton & Booty Carrell (Finders Keepers / B-Music)
Dj Arc de Triomphe (Cartilage Consortium)

The ICAS SUITE BERLIN is a unique, collaborative music festival that evolved from the collaboration of more than 35 festivals and music initiatives around the globe. Four days brimming with concerts, club nights, and workshops at venues around the Kotbusser Tor open up a colorful panorma of leftfield pop music holding out on the fringes of forced marketability. Starring Nguzunguzu, Pantha du Prince, Dj Maxximus, Morphosis, Cupp Cave, Sculpture ...

Full program on http://www.ctm-festival.de/icas-sui...