Les Siestes in Montréal

Les Siestes in Montréal

We’ve first been invited to play in Montreal by the lovely Piknic Electronik crew. Back in 2009, we’ve crossed the Atlantic ocean with Joakim, Jackson and Georges Issakidis to play on an epic gig under the rain. 4 years later, thanks to Piknic Electronik again, we’ll be back with Pilooski, Mondkopf and Arandel to celebrate a pretty special Bastille Day!


- Guru stage: 3:00 x 7:00 pm

Borealis is shadow, a darkness unveiling the presence of light. Borealis is wind, air in motion, a path forever within change and without permanence. It is an act of folding dream reality into waking reality.

Head of the fast rising imprint In Paradisum, Mondkopf has a love for the experimental, the industrial and the distorted that he shares with the likes of Kangding Ray, Kareem and Ancient Methods. The young master of concrete-crumbling techno got the rugged, freshly twisted rhythms that has made the French electronic productions quite famous over the years, but the vibe is now darker yet quite thrilling. Mondkopf’s cinematic vibe is thus sustained throughout, balanced equally with stylish dancefloor violence and is embracing with real intensity the influence of abrasive forms of metal music.

- Moog stage: 2:00 x 11:00 pm

Nany Leven
A perfect biological fusion between Machinedrum, James Holden and the singer from Pegase.

Arbutus Djs
Arbutus is an artistic community based in Montreal. Beginning as a DIY loft space, Arbutus Records developed to cultivate and promote the artists associated with the space. Emphasis on friendship and collaboration within the scene has lead to an increasingly multimedia oriented endeavor, moving beyond music to include film and literature. Arbutus develops a scene and culture, with each member’s success contributing to the success of the whole. Individual talents (such as Doldrum, Grime or Majical Cloudz) combine for a stronger product and artistic identity.

Arandel is not a band, Arandel is not a character. Its creator, more than a mere unidentified being, is above all a multi-instrumentalist who would like his true identity to remain in the background on this project: Arandel is a secret entity whose only function is to let the music take centre stage. Remaining anonymous to explore every given possibility, showing many facets to the world, all underpinned by an experimental sense of music: Arandel is a new workshop for this pop craftsman, brought up on krautrock, French electronic and Berlin minimalism.

With a deep love for the soulful and strange, Pilooski has developed a unique style that has found him a solid fanbase around the globe. As part of the D.I.R.T.Y. crew he has put out the now legendary series of Dirty Edits EPs, collecting forgotten gems, sometimes editing them beyond recognition. Between that and his love for early sci-fi, he’s made time to do remixes for folks that share his taste in music, which happens to include everyone from LCD Soundsystem to the Mystery Jets or Jarvis Cocker. It doesn’t hurt that Pilooski has a vast knowledge (and collection) of the strange and wonderful records of the past, often uncovering gems of french psych or krautrock that would still sound ahead of their time in any Villalobos set. As for his mix, Pilooski delves into his bag of tricks, combining rare slices of pop, disco, house, and other re-arranged musical selections into an oddly dark and psychedelic affair.

July 14
@ Parc Jean Drapeau - Place de l’Homme