In an era defined by knowing homage and kneejerk reverence, Powell’s sound is that rare thing: an utterly convincing synthesis of influences. Far from a taxonomist’s wet dream, though, the London-based producer massages these source materials into a sound that’s both distinctive and remarkably vital. Powell’s statement is quite clear: to wrench ideas twoc’ed from New Beat, Hardcore Jungle, Post-Punk and heavy Electronics into crafty, sidewinding de-rangements as direct as they are considered. It’s a properly modernist sound, rejecting staid ideas of melodic and harmonic progression in favour of adventurous, non-linear constructions tacking wayward yet disciplined grooves with smashed synthlines and semi-organic gristle to leave the ’floor panting, bleeding and gurning. Powell’s unique DJ sets is then a perfect distillation of the manic energy of sweaty nihilist funk and scorched techno that’s equal parts grim and sensual.