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What is it?

These free concerts, Les Siestes electroniques, are for the daring: those willing to make the effort of taking a few steps into the heart of the city centre. The mission of this free festival is to stimulate rather than convince, to offer the opportunity to discover new music rather than persuade. The concept of “Siesta”, with its ambiance of gentle relaxation and pleasure, is therefore at the centre of our intentions.

Short, yet perfectly balanced, the recipe of Les Siestes Électroniques festival will allure your tastebuds with a hedonist view on contemporary forms of music.

The 18th edition of Les Siestes Electroniques will be held in Toulouse from the 27th of June to the 30th of June 2019.

Why should you come to Les Siestes Electroniques?

To enjoy Southern France’s “art de vivre” :)
If you can’t stand festivals where three bands are playing at the same time anymore, if you’re tired of being stuck among 10 000 people to listen to favorite music and if you‘re sick with poor venues, cheap food and flat beer, then Les Siestes Electroniques is for you!

What does it look like?

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What they said about us?

"There’s you, there’s baguettes, and there’s dancing : it’s Les Siestes Électroniques (which means "the electronic nap"), plugging in, turning on, and rocking out."

"Anyone who’s ever been to Montreal’s Piknic Électronik or Cologne’s PollerWiesen knows that electronic music is best experienced outdoors and in daylight. Toulouse’s peerless Les Siestes Électroniques perfects the formula with evening concerts performed before a laidback audience sprawled on a spongy lawn."

"Small yet perfectly formed, Les Siestes Electroniques (or, The Electronic Nap for those of you dozing in French class) is the champion of the scaled-down festival experience. The action will switch day-to-day between different Toulouse locations, with a single stage giving a refined and focused feel to things. Oh, and did we mention half of the events are free ? Nice."
Resident Advisor

"After 20 minutes of beginning my set at the party, around 100 people climbed up on to the stage and went mental dancing with and around me until the end of the set. A very memorable night was had!!"
Damian Lazarus

"It is really fun and inspiring to play in such a beautiful surrounding, looking over the river, people sitting in the park and enjoying a variety of music, not only the same kind of sound from every act. I liked the open, friendly and happy atmosphere."

"Congratulations for 10 years birthday for Les Siestes Electroniques! Luckily I had two chances to play my sound for this festival, and both shows were really special to me and I really enjoyed them. I hope you can keep going more and let’s celebrate 20 years birthday next time. Thank you so much."
Aoki Takamasa

"I’d like to saying that playing at Les Siestes Elecgtroniques was one of the highlights of the last ten years. Fantastic organisation, superb music, a beautiful location and some of the friendliest people i’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter. Long may you run."
Jon Tye

"I really enjoyed the LSE festival !!!!"

"I had an absolutely wonderful time at Siestes Electronique, from the moment i was met at the entrance to the moment i left! Such lovely people, with an obvious genuine love for music and the way it is presented. We had a really special day outside in the beautiful surroundings of Prairie des Filtres park in Toulouses - Fujiya & Miyagi, one of my fave bands of recent years at that time, played an amazing set, Todd Terje dropped sublime sunny afternoon disco and house ( I got everyone dancing my getting up and shaking my butt to Ian Dury’s Spasticus Autisticus!) and then Marco Passarani’s Pigna People rocked the spot with thier 303s 909s and 808s! A beautiful town, beautiful people, and a beautiful festival!"

"When we came to the open air area everyone was sitting and enjoying a singer/songwriter combo and we were supposed to play directly after them. As we play Techno, we became really nervous if the whole thing would work out! But a minute after we started, people got up and danced their asses off! We’ve never seen such an open minded crowd before or after!"
Dapayk & Padberg

"When I´m talking about cool festivals with my friends, Les Siestes Electronics is always mentioned on my Top List... All I remember from my arival is smiley organizers, colaborators and audience... (in a good way... not scary smiley). The wide range of artists invited to play there is extra nice and suites so many diferent moods... Is there a better way to wait for your turn to go on stage than laying on the grass on the side of a calm river surounded by nice people and happy children listening to great music?... backstage? what´s a backstage? To start playing when the sun was shining and then recibe the night having such a great dancing audience is something I´ll never forget... just as the cheese I recived as a souvenir after the show... o my god, that cheese..."

"I had a great time in Toulouse for Les Siestes Electroniques back in 2004. This was my first and only time in France and the people, music, and city really pulled me in. Highlights for me that year were performances from the Konki Duet, conversations with the guys from Expanding, and the post festival barbeque. Good luck this year!"

"I’ve had the pleasure twice...once with schneider tm and once with angel. both times were very enjoyable because of the super nice festival organizers & staff, great food and the really cool locations. schneider tm in the park full of dopesmokers & kids and angel in that beautiful court with a rather sophisticated audience. thank you !"
Dirk Dresselhaus

"I had the pleasure of playing the Les Siestes Electroniques festival in Toulouse France. One of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited in France. The festival was an absolute pleasure to be apart of. I played in a amazing old church, with amazing acoustics. One of the most memorable European shows to date. I would come back to play anytime:)"
Richard Devine

"I’ve only been to Les Siestes once, but it was really special. I never liked playing festivals, but Les Siestes felt more like playing a good friend’s birthday party. No pressure. People actually listening. What a rare thing these days!?"
Thaddeus Hermann

"Congratulations on the monumental 10th held! I performed in 2006 but I still have a distinct memory of the comfortable event with the vivid grass and sunshine. Actually I had been a little anxious about what I’d play, the Brazilian-flavored music because it was just a day of the match "France vs. Brazil" on FIFA World Cup! The audience would boo? No, they were warm and enjoying, relaxing with my music. It concluded to be an overanxiousness. During several days stay in Toulouse, performing at LSE and walking around the city, one moment I suddenly thought "I can live here!" I was so relaxed like that."
Toshiyuki Yasuda

"There are many things in life I don’t like - festivals and the continent of Europe are only two of them, and that is exactly what made ’Les Siestes Electroniques’ so utterly different from my previous sullied experiences. A gloriously laid back atmosphere, cracking programme and unique setting in one of the most enjoyable parts of France (especially for a foodie... Jeez, living there I’d be 280lbs) made this a festival experience to remember and a far cry from the muddy ground/muddy tunes of the usual Euro blast. Even the food backstage was great, and how often can you honestly say that? Good booze, good food and good tunes - I think that’s the ultimate goal in life. It’s hardly surprising that Les Siestes Electroniques has lasted ten years, so here’s to ten more."
John Twells

What does the city of Toulouse look like?