SHAPE Platform

SHAPE Platform

4 years x 16 organisations x 48 artists With a little bit of Les Siestes Electroniques inside :)

SHAPE Platform is a 4-year initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, the SHAPE project reunites 16 European non-profit organisations to create a platform that aims to support, promote, and exchange innovative and aspiring emergent musicians and interdisciplinary artists with an interest in sound.

SHAPE thus attempts to present a variety of idiosyncratic sounds from all over Europe, and to provide audiences and professionals with insightful lectures, talks, and workshops by experts in various fields related to sound and performance.

All 16 organisations will collectively choose 48 musicians to participate in a mix of live performances, residencies, workshops and talks across member festivals and special events. A new pool of 48 artists will be selected subsequently for each of years two and three of the SHAPE initiative.

Participating Artists 2018:
Alley Catss (HU)
Arielle Esther (FR)
Berangere Maximin (FR)
Bonaventure (CH)
Caterina Barbieri (IT)
Catnapp (AR/DE)
Chinaski (DE)
December (FR)
Deena Abdelwahed (TN/FR)
DJ Morgiana (PL)
Èlg (BE)
Ewa Justka (PL/UK)
Giant Swan (UK)
Golin (BE)
Gosheven (HU)
Isama Zing (SK)
Joasihno (DE)
Jung An Tagen (AT)
Kathy Hinde (UK)
Kimyan Law (AT)
Kinga Toth (HU)
Lifecutter (SI)
Malibu (FR)
Mika Oki (BE)
Nene H (TR/DE)
Nina Hudej (SI)
Nkisi (BE)
Oklou (FR)
Oko DJ (FR)
Pan Daijing (CN/DE)
Piernikowski / Golebiewski (PL)
Red Trio (PT)
Sarah Farina (DE)
Schwefelgelb (DE)
Sissel Wincent (SE)
Sourdure (FR)
Swan Meat (US/DE)
Tesa (LV)
Tomoko Sauvage (JP/FR)
Tutu (ES)
Umbra (RS)
Uriel Barthelemi (FR)
Vladimir Ivkovic (RS)
Yamaneko (UK)

Member Organisations:
Biennale Némo – Paris, FR
CTM Festival – Berlin, DE
Cynetart Festival – Dresden, DE
Festival Maintenant – Rennes, FR
Insomnia Festival – Tromso, NO
Les Siestes Electroniques – Toulouse, FR
Meet Factory – Prague, CZ
MoTA – Ljubliana, SL
Musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst – Graz, AT
RIAM Festival – Marseilles, FR
Rokolectiv Festival – Bucharest, RO
Schiev Festival – Brussels, BE
Skaņu Mežs Festival – Riga, LV
TodaysArt Festival – The Hague, NL
UH Festival – Budapest, HU
Unsound Festival – Krakow, PL

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