Based in Toulouse, Southern France, Les Siestes électroniques is a summer meeting point for emerging artists from the field of music & digital culture. Its ambitious motley line-up mainly focuses on electronic musicians and aims at a professional audience as well as the general public. The fact that its open air concerts are free of charge makes Les Siestes électroniques a rare and precious occurance within the landscapes of European festivals. Les Siestes offers an opportunity to experience the best of contemporary music though concerts, club nights, workshops and exhibitions.


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Call for proposals

For the second year in a row, we’re organising talks and worshops along with our concerts. This "Futurism Meeting" as we call it, will take place in Toulouse, at the same venue as the concerts, a public park right in the center of the city, on June 28 & (...)

2014 Video Teaser

New year, new visual identity! Don’t forget our dates: June 26-29!

Les Siestes in Vietnam

Les Siestes goes around the world as much as possible and especially tries to reach unusual destinations once a year. So after Congo these past two years, we’ll settle down in Vietnam for some special showcases over there this (...)

Les Siestes in Montréal

We’ve first been invited to play in Montreal by the lovely Piknic Electronik crew. Back in 2009, we’ve crossed the Atlantic ocean with Joakim, Jackson and Georges Issakidis to play on an epic gig under the rain. 4 years later, thanks to Piknic Electronik again, we’ll be back with Pilooski, (...)

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